Members of The Dramatiques Performance Troupe and friends brought in the new year with fun, laughter and a bit toooo much champagne!  Hosted by Sojo at her lovely little Christmas holiday cabin, the party started early in the evening and progressed into the night. Some of us still don't remember everything that happened that evening, but judging by the photos it was chaos!

Things started out normal enough with some ice skating and good old fashioned hot chocolate.
Shown: Sojo on the ice.

Sojo and Billi skating.

Joey and Libby at the buffet table.

Libby nibbling on cake.

Willi relaxing in the holiday nook.

Desiree and Willi posing in front of the New Years display.

Vicky posing in her cute figure skating outfit.

Billi and Willi posing for New Years.

Things started getting a little hazy once Sojo began passing out her eggnog!
Shown: Kell with champagne in one hand and the mysterious nog in the other.

Poor Billi succumbing to the lure of the egg nog!

Myles swaying on his feet.

Libby started skating on Joey.

As if that wasn't weird enough Joey then changed into Ice Man and started reinforcing the ice rink. lol.

Vicky seducing Santa.
"Santa baby...a 69 convertible pleaseeeee..."

Joey and Libby tipsy on the ice. 

Getting dizzzzyy ..*hiccups*

Sojo taking advantage of poor drunken Myles.

Myles drunk on Santa's lap.

Billy and Willi started making out! :O

Sojo's cabin.

Pizza at Sojo's cabin.

Vicky raiding the fridge.

Vicky sporting a big fat a#$%.

Willi and Billi acting cute on the couch.

Sojo drunk under the Christmas tree.


Vicky passed out on the bed.

Malek was the only one who managed to stay sober. hehehe

Vicky got surprise gifts during the part. Thank you guyss, I love youuuuuuuuuu!!
Chop Zuey here I come!!!:P