The Dramatiques Performance Troupe was founded in early December 2010. We are a new group of performing artists and enthusiasts who have come together to take performance to another level in Second Life!

Our performances will include broadway musicals, ballets, acrobatics and much more!  With the many different elements including  stage effects,  enthralling music and enchanting costumes,  we are guaranteed to leave the crowd in awe!

Nominated for BOSL Awards  - Best Original Project 2011.


Founders: Wolf Silverpath, Lulu Aristocrat, Victoria Sugarplum

Manager : Malek Sahara

Hostesses - Marian Sapphire / Sojourner Starship

Head Choreographer - Victoria Sugarplum

Victoria's Personal Assistant - Desiree Lurra

Performing Artists -  Joey Aboma,   Ariel Laks,  Desiree Lurra,  Myles Sperber,  BilliAnn Bravin, Malek Sahara, Callie Mocha, Leslie Ekstein, Victoria Sugarplum

Set designers/Scripters - Wolf Silverpath, Victoria Sugarplum, Rowse Resident,  Miguel Devanter

Machinima Artists - Hadji Ling,

Costume Director- Lulu Aristocrat

Make up artists -  Ellowyn Diabolito,  Eve Kazan

Creative writer - Desiree Lurra

Security Manager -  Pauv Evanier

Photographer: Olyvia Decuir


The Dramatiques Performance Troupe is a collection of very talented and dedicated individuals who enjoy bringing the art of performance to Second Life. We are a very low drama unit and for this reason our members are carefully selected.

Everyone in the troupe has an equal opportunity regardless of age, gender, race, financial status, sexual preference,  or real life disability. WE DO NOT APPROVE  OF DISCRIMINATION in any form and will never condone arrogant behavior.

We also respect the creative efforts of other artists and performers in SL.  Our virtual world is the perfect medium for creativity and  we encourage others to use it as a form of self expression.