Members of our elite troupe took to the slopes this winter for a fun time. With our matching knit sweaters and Sojo's drunken eggnog in hand, we staggered our way into the cozy Wolf Mountain Ski Resort to check into our cabin.

Wolf Mountain Resort main office.

Our lovely rental cabin.

Joey, his lady and live performer for the evening - LibertyBelle Lyric, Desiree, Sojo and Vicky getting warm.

Myles in his cute matching sweater that Desiree made.

LibertyBelle getting ready to perform.

Desiree looking cute in her matching sweater.

Joey comfy on the couch.

LibertyBelle singing lovely Christmas tunes.

Vicky, in her matching sweater looking adorable.

Sleigh Ride!! Billi and Vicky snuggled up in their matching sweaters.

Desiree astride her savage beast that left gallop hoof prints at the back of poor Billi's head. :(

Myles on his unicorn.

Joey and LibertyBelle bundled up in their sleigh.

Myles cheating on his flying horse!!

Enjoying hot coco at the ice pond.




Myles relaxing in the hot tub.

Soaking in the heated pool.

Vicky in her Christmas bikini.

 Willi cuddling with a pink pose ball :P hahaha

We sat down for some girly gossip time.

Soon everyone trickled in to hear Sojo's juicy gossip!

Dinner got burned by...uh..nevermind :P

And we were all forced to go to a cute little restaurant to eat.

Troupe members in a Christmas photo that Myles put on the mantel in the cabin.