Dramatiques Performance at Japan Tempura Island

Japan Tempura Island is one of the longest reigning sims in Second Life. It is also without a doubt one of the most beautiful ever created. Upon entering the greeting area, one is immediately immersed within the breathtaking scenery which is comprised of  a golden bridge and at its end, an even more impressive castle. Wreathed in pristine water, lush woods and spellbinding gardens of pink Waterlilies, this tranquil escape can only be compared to the stuff of fanciful dreams.

All this was created by builder, jewelry designer and photographer kikunosuke Eel. On May 25th he was treated to a surprise and well deserved birthday celebration on one of the Tempura islands. The Dramatiques Performance Troupe was more than honored to be invited to perform at this special occasion. As requested, a beautiful and romantic story was told depicting two lovers, torn by their cultural differences. The performance made a wonderful start to the celebration.
See pics below:

Shown: Kiku at Tempura. (Photo taken from Tempura blog).

Sample from Kiku's Jewelry line.  

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The performance begins.

For more info on Tempura Island see website or visit inworld.