The Dramatiques Performance Troupe ended their very first performance season with a blast! The troupe was only founded in early December 2010 and have yet to reach the one year mark, but can flaunt a variety of successful and popular performances. From Narnia, to Vintage Wine, to  Angel's Kiss and to Alice in Wonderland, The Dramatiques have proven themselves to be not only a diverse group, but also an extreme collection of talent, devotion and professionalism.

To celebrate this milestone, the Dramatiques hosted a grand, red carpet gala at the exclusive Groves Country Club. The guest list for the evening boasted some of Second Life's top intellectuals,  creative artists and an array of celebrities. 

The Grove's Country Club

The paparazzi were not able to catch them all, but here are some of the hottest on our best dressed list!

Hosts for the evening Victoria Sugarplum - CoFounder of  The Dramatiques and Dolce Baxton were prompt on the red carpet to greet the guests.

Dolce added a touch of flare to the red carpet in a flashy Sinatra Tuxedo by Styles Of Edo.

Victoria - in a lace champagne gown from AZUL and exquisite Chop Zuey Couture diamonds- looked lovely on her the arm of photographer Athayus Quan - who was dashing in an  AOHARU suit.

 Owner of The Groves Community and Country Club - Mr. Umberto Giano
looked as impressive as his venue in attire from NSD, Lapointe & Bastchild, Aoharu, HOC and COLORS.

Viola Rookswood - Community Director at The Grove Country Club and Estates- was nothing short of radiant in this shimmering Paper Couture gown and accessories.

Dramatiques hostess and event coordinator Sojourner Starship- was breathtaking in this cyan blue gown by SYS and complimentary Chop Zuey diamonds.


Dramatiques Manager Malek Sahara - who starred as The Cheshire Cat and Jabberwocky in the recent Alice in Wonderland - was a bit of red carpet eye candy in this Terra d'Ombra suit.
And on his arm the lovely Josie Velvetleaf  was an image of beauty in this golden Nicky Ree gown and  Zaara  and Mandala accessories.

BilliAnn Bravin - Dramatiques performing artist who starred in the recent Alice in Wonderland as The White Queen - was ravishing in this champagne Utopia gown.
Her date and husband - Duke of 1888 Victorian London - Nik Daffyd was handsomely attired in this Casino Royale tuxedo by the Edge.

Vivienne Darcy - Model/Miss V♛Monaco 2012 - was a show stopper on the red carpet in this unique
Eshi Otawara gown, Chop Zuey and Di Yifu accessories.
Her date - Tik Merlin - scripter, builder and performing artist - brought an easy charm to the carpet in this suit by Utopia.

Desiree Lurra - Dramatiques performer and starring in the upcoming Into The Shadows as the Swan Princess - dazzled onlookers in this Vita's Boudoir couture gown.
Her date Enigmatic Deir - Script genius and creator - looked handsome and debonair on her arm.

Wolf Silverpath - brilliant set builder and scripter for The Dramatiques - showed up looking ..uncivilized in this ...scruffy...umm..warrior apparel???
(According to the tabloids he was denied access to the ballroom for refusing to wear a suit :o - WHAT A SCANDAL!) at least he wasn't carrying any weapons this time!

Dramatiques performing artist - Myles Sperber - Who starred in Alice in Wonderland as The Mad Hatter, set fire to the red carpet in this sexy Gizza outfit and Milady accessories.

Posh Socialite and wife of  Captain Walter Gedenspire - Desireme Fallen - who is also one of The Dramatiques top VIP's made a grand and elegant entrance in Paris Metro and Liz Dannitza attire.

Creative builder and owner of Prestige Homes and Ballinger & Hallard - Edward Ballinger - looked like royalty in this Tuxedo by sf design and  cloak by Jungle Wear.

StarliteStarbrite Constellation - model and manager of Styles of Edo  - was an image of statuesque glamor in this pewter Azul gown and Virtual Impressions accessories.

Leslie Ekstein- Dramatiques performing artist  who starred in Alice in Wonderland as Absolom - turned heads on the red carpet in this very sultry gown by Utopia and JCNY accessories. Va-va-voooomm!

Artist and writer Diorina Resident brought a lovely splash of color to the red carpet in this Terra D'Ombra gown and accessories.
Her companion for the evening Derendra Darwin - photographer, artist and the owner of the Indian Curry sim - looked quite dapper in this Utopia suit.
Kit Guardian - Owner of theater company KG Shine Productions and actress  in SL Tele series for Metaverse TV -  Beaver Ridge, was stunning on the red carpet.

Musetta Fieschi - Bakery Films Head Creative and Production Manager and actress -  graced the red carpet in a lovely Morea Style gown and Chop Zuey accessories.

Dramatiques security team member Cj911 Resident and his lovely wife Grimzy Resident were both fabulously dressed in Utopia. The mask was a nice touch!

Machinimist/Artist/Photographer - Pia Klaar looked gorgeous in this black and white Gown by AZUL.


Dramatiques VIP  - Devon Tarber and his date for the evening being interviewed.

The Dramatiques rocking it on stage.


Guests enjoying themselves inside the beautiful Groves Country Club.


Dramatiques performing Single Ladies.  "Put a Ring On It!!"

At the end of the event Victoria Sugarplum was surprised by a presentation from her troupe.
 *sniffs* You guys are so special. I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!


According to the ancient Mayans and Nostradamus, the end of the world is fast approaching and Dramatiques are going to welcome it with style!
We will be hosting another red carpet gala to celebrate the new year. Look forward to Mayan temples, fire dancers and amazing performances! Start getting your fabulous attire ready and watch for your invitation because this will be a party you won't want to miss!!