The Dramatiques Performance Troupe was certainly honored to be nominated for the Best Original Project this year. The award went to Metaversetv.com - a most worthy contender. Nevertheless, The Dramatiques were at the amazing Patch Thibaud theater in full force, gracing the red carpet and topping the best dressed list.
The day started at 10am with the preshow which was streamed live on Metaverse tv. The main event commenced at 11am and progressed throughout several hours of wonderful presentations. Finally, it ended with a superb after party that boasted runway models, beauty queens, performers, top designers, and basically the who's who in second Life. I'll let the photos speak. Take a look!


Sarahelisebeth Brenham - Star of the recent "Narnia" and also playing Absolom in the up coming "Alice in Wonderland" - arrived at the theater in this gorgeous blue Bliss Couture gown that accentuated her tall and elegant figure.


 Nina Lilly Menoptra - Playing the White Queen in the up coming "Alice in Wonderland"  - waltzed onto the scene draped in diamond and jet accessories with a yin and yang flair. And if that wasn't impressive enough she flaunted a breathtaking Purplemoon gown.

Victoria Sugarplum - CoFounder of The Dramatiques and also playing the Red Queen in this Spring's Alice in Wonderland - looked fabulous in this black Utopia gown and  Son!a diamonds.

Nina Lilly on the red carpet.

BilliAnn Bravin - playing a White Princess in Alice in Wonderland - graced the red carpet in this lovely green evening gown with complementary emerald accessories!

Malek Sahara - Dramatiques Manager who is also  playing The Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland - looked sharp and distinguished on the red carpet in this very flattering Utopia Tuxedo.

Sarah on the red carpet.

Ariel Laks - playing the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland  - looked very elegant and sultry on the red carpet in this red Marycoco Capra gown. Check out the dangerous split on that gown!(Is that man in the tux loosening his collar?? hahha)

 Desiree Lurra - poet and fashion designer who is also newest addition to The Dramatiques - made a statement on the red carpet in a lovely pink creation from her very own store. She topped it with a gorgeous coiffure. Wow - perfect for Spring!

Dellissa Kozlov - Staring in Alice in Wonderland as Alice - complimented the red carpet in this very seductive red aDiva Couture gown and breathtaking Alien Bear and Alyssa Bijoux jewelry.

Victoria on the red carpet.

Wolf Silverpath - Dramatiques CoFounder and set builder/scripter - was seen in a shirt for the first time!
He looked ruggedly handsome in this Lapointe & Bastchild suit.

Popular performer and recipient of a BOSL award - Mankind Tracer filled the atmosphere with his talent.

Aerial view of the red carpet.


Patch Thibaud - architect and creator of the amazing venue the Patch Thibaud Auditorium - was also in attendance.

Frolic Mills -   BOSL & CO CEO  - seated at his table with Miss Virtual World Serene Faith.

What an event!