Having some 50's fun!

No one enjoys working out, but we make it exciting in our Dramatiques run room. Here are some of our troupe members doing aerobics - theme of the day GREASE! We even have our poodle skirts to match our uniforms!
Some of you may be asking yourselves "why would anyone work out in SL? How can avatars benefit from this?"
Well, to answer your questions: while we do the aerobics we all clean our inventories. As a performer we need to be as "light" as possible. Having an inventory of 20,000 or 30,000 or even 130,000 is like having  rolls and rolls of fat and cellulite in RL. You WILL NOT be able to tolerate lag and you WILL crash during performances. A lighter avatar means an easier performance! And so we work out for 10 mins before every rehearsal.